A Holistic Approach to Recovery

At RHC, your physical therapist’s job is to determine what your body needs to recover from your injury or surgery. We believe that holistic evaluation plays a crucial role in designing an effective treatment plan and prevent future injuries, so we observe movements and discuss habits, postures, and overall lifestyle as we take into account your medical diagnosis.

Your Physical Therapist’s Role in Rehabilitation

We pride ourselves in the fact that your treatment plan is carried out by your therapist, not support staff. As therapists, we receive tremendous satisfaction as we see our expertise translated into patient success. We often hear from patients who have gone to other clinics where they see a different person each time, and this can be confusing for both therapist and patient. At RHC, you will generally see the same therapist. On some occasions, your therapist will encourage you to see a colleague who has a special skill that will benefit from, so it becomes a collaborative treatment approach. Patients are always in charge of deciding whom they will see.

Recovery and Exercise

We want our patients to feel confident in what they are able to do as they recover. Very rarely do we ask a patient to stop the activities they love to do, but we want them to know how to do them safely and correctly. We usually discover an imbalance or dominant pattern that is creating the pain, so identifying it and then designing an exercise program to create balance is essential. Doing exercises for the sake of exercise is a waste of time, but we find that assigning exercises that patients know are important to their healing and rehabilitation helps them to take the time in their busy schedules to do them.

It takes 3 to 6 months of committed exercise to actually stick to it for life.  We find that having the encouragement and support of RHC therapists and staff helps patients develop good habits.