Therapeutic Exercise

An Individualized Program with a Systematic Approach

Medical exercise therapy uses a systematic approach and a sound exercise physiology background to develop the appropriate exercise program for you as an individual. Several things impact what type and to what degree of exercise we should participate in:

  • Our unique body structure
  • Movement imbalances
  • Tissue restrictions

In all of our bodies we have muscle groups that are dominant or inhibitory by design. An exercise program needs to be designed around the demands that each patient places on their own body. At the same time, a therapist must take into account potential sources for injury in other areas of the body that can be easily overlooked when following a generic exercise program. Your therapist will establish parameters and provide education so that you can apply safe exercise practices and “self-manage” your care, using therapy when you need it for specific injuries and issues. This is what we mean when we say that our patients are “patients for life”—we are an educational resource for you throughout your life, and you can carry with you the knowledge you receive during treatment to help you maintain wellness once treatment ends.