An Individualized Approach to Treating Injury

Every person and every injury has individual issues that need to be addressed. At RHC, we are known for treating not only the individual as a whole but also the individual as an individual. This means a particular exercise may need to be tailored to address a patient’s compensation or habitual movement pattern. What works for one patient does not always work for the next, no matter how similar the diagnosis may be. A passion for our profession keeps us always looking for the uniqueness in an individual’s body. Our patients have expressed their appreciation at how focused and energetic we are in our quest for the cure. Injuries that warrant physical therapy care makes up an extensive list and include:

  • Spinal Injuries
  • Joint Surgeries including joint or tendon, ligament or cartilage repairs and spinal surgeries
  • Strains and sprains
  • Tendonitis, including the elbows, feet and hands

Designing an Injury-Prevention Program

In order to prevent injuries, ideally we like to see patients before they take up certain activities. RHC Physical therapists are the experts on correct general and sport mechanics. There are a variety of different ways to strengthen a muscle, but by addressing your individual body structure we can design a program to keep you safe for the long run. Our advanced level of education and training provides a more thorough understanding of the intricate mechanics of the body and how they fit into what your particular injury is. We also treat gait deviations in patients from runners to the elderly, and balance and proprioceptive deficits in all age groups.